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Best config by Kizaru (alpha user) ⛔️🧢 UPDATED FOR V3.3 🔥

Purchases: 3792

2.50 NLE




⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀Spread Master Package

⚙️Recommended lDEAL YAW.lua with the best following config:

🔥 Also if you want early updates here is my beta config:

⚠️ The configs that im selling is the one I use daily, these configs aren't godmode, if you don't understand how the cheat works, or you just don't know how to hvh, don't buy.
You also agree that I can stop this anytime I want. ⚠️


If you have any problems / questions, contact me on discord (Kizaru#0331)
My config discord, make sure to join:


Update 03.09.2023
• Uploaded my latest settings.

- Ragebot settings was improved, should be more baim lethal players
- Minor changes in Visuals and Miscellaneous functions

• Disable "Extended Backtracking” if you have low-end PC
• I also recommend that you learn all the binds before you start playing

NOTE: Don't worry about having always on force body on, that's how it's supposed to be, you'll still shoot enemy head when it's needed
03.09.2023 14:24
Update 18.05.2023
• Uploaded my latest settings.
18.05.2023 18:32
Update 23.03.2023
• Updated for v3.3

🎉🎉🎉 I also did a giveaway subs among my customers
check discord for more info:
23.03.2023 23:01
Update 22.01.2023
• $$$ Updated best config worldwide $$$

For better experience use config with my lua:
22.01.2023 04:39
Update 11.11.2022
• Some fixes

forgot to write Recommended lua for more baimimg lethal enemies  —
11.11.2022 11:18
Update 11.11.2022
• Updated Ragebot settings
• Some fixes to visuals

ideal yaw.lua —
ideal yaw.lua —
ideal yaw.lua —
11.11.2022 11:14
Update 4.10.2022
● Minor fixes
● Updated ideal yaw settings
04.10.2022 22:59
Update 18.09.2022
● Fixes to ragebot

NOTE: My menu style:
18.09.2022 21:53
Update 4.09.2022
● Fixes to ragebot
● Minor fixes to visuals and skins

NOTE: ideal yaw ll be fixed as soon as possible, some irl troubles
04.09.2022 14:07
Update 30.08.2022
● Fixes to ragebot
● Minor fixes to visuals and skins
30.08.2022 14:55
Update 29.08.2022
● Updated config for v3.0
NOTE: not the final config, ll update tmmr
29.08.2022 01:49
Update 28.08.2022
● Minor fixes
● Updated ideal yaw settings
28.08.2022 02:09
Update 6.08.2022
● Updated config
● Lowered price to 2.50€
06.08.2022 15:45
Update 8.02.2022
● Minor fixes
PS. i will not update this cfg until there is an update from alpha to release build
08.02.2022 13:56
Update 1.12.2022
● Updated 

PS. soon ll release my own lua

01.01.2022 00:05
Update 22.09.2021
● Updated config to latest cheat update
22.09.2021 17:55
Update 05.08.2021
● Updated config to latest cheat update

NOTE: now settings from luas should be loaded along with the config
05.08.2021 10:53
Update 02.08.2021
● Bug with ESP should be fixed
02.08.2021 20:00
Update 02.08.2021
● Minor fixes
02.08.2021 12:27
Update 16.07.2021
Sub giveaway:

● Updated config to latest cheat update
● New visuals
16.07.2021 23:17
Update 29.05.2021
My config discord, make sure to join:

● Some fixes in ragebot
29.05.2021 22:59
Update 05.05.2021
05.05.2021 04:02
Update 05.05.2021
 ● Slightly changed settings for Auto, AWP, Scout & R8
 ● Fixed & Added some keybinds [Every keybind explained in description]
 ● If you hit the edge of the hitbox with reason "stomach due to resolver" or shooting under minimum damage, try off static point scale
 ● About Desync on shot, if you are onshoted with Switch turn it off then [However, this function won't save you all the time. In most cases, you will get a 1tap when you shoot without hide shots]
 ● If you are often killed in the head, let's try 3 options Anti-aims
    › 1st preset: Our default Anti-aims Jitter + Anti Bruteforce with Peek fake [If we are still often killed in the head with these AAs, try 2nd preset]
    › 2nd preset: Jitter with Peek fake [If it's still bad]
    › 3rd preset: Jitter with Off freestanding desync [If everything is still bad, then you better not play today]

To get updated config click on "GET ITEM".
Next update of the config will be only when will cheat get an update.
Let me know if you enjoy config or are haveing trouble with them.

 ● Немного изменил настройки для Скара, АВП, Скаута и Ревика
 ● Пофиксил и добавил некоторые бинды [Настройк мои биндов вы можете посмотреть в описании под конфигом]
 ● Если вы стреляете в край хитбокса с причиной "stomach due to resolver" или стреляете на меньше своего поставленного дамаг, попробуйте выключить static point scale
 ● Насчет Desync on shot, если вам оншотают со Switch, то выключить его и попробуйте без него [Но все равно это функция не будет вас спасать все время и в большинстве случаев вы будет получать 1tap когда стреляете без Hide shots]
 ● Если вас часто убивают в голову, то давайте расмотрим 3 варианта Анти-аимов
    › 1-й вариант: Наши дефолтные Анти-аимы Jitter + Anti Bruteforce с Peek fake [Если нас все равно часто убивают в голову с этими Анти-аимами, попробуем 2 вариант]
    › 2-й вариант: Jitter с Peek fake [Если все равно все плохо]
    › 3-й вариант: Jitter с Off freestanding desync [Если все еще плохо, то я думаю лучше вам сегодня не играть]

Чтобы получить обновленный конфиг нажмите на "GET ITEM".
Cледующее обновление конфига будет только тогда, когда обновят чит.
Дайте мне знать, если вам нравятся конфиг или у вас с ним проблемы.
05.05.2021 03:55
Update 01.05.2021
● Updated config to latest cheat update
01.05.2021 19:00
Update 22.04.2021
● Updated config to latest cheat update
22.04.2021 03:30
Update 17.04.2021
● Updated config
● Lowered price to 8€
17.04.2021 07:47
Update 13.03.2021
● Updated config to latest cheat update
13.03.2021 10:05
Update 23.02.2021
● Fully remade & fixed config
23.02.2021 19:27
Update 08.01.2021
● Updated config due to latest cheat update
08.01.2021 18:00
Update 02.01.2021
> - New config for v2
02.01.2021 22:32
Update 13.09.2020
> - Fixed AWP config
> - Posted my latest config
13.09.2020 10:50
First release
Config "Configs ~ Kizaru" released!
01.09.2020 05:47
нахуя столько кейбиндов я пока под себя делал обосрался в подгузники
19.09.2023 04:52
p antiaim p ragebot best for 5v5
nice cfg man with ideal yaw it have amazing experience
20.08.2023 06:58
Good Enough
Its Good but shit makes you crask very Often.Fix it then you will  get Better Feedback :)
08.08.2023 08:44
16.07.2023 23:48
хз хз
вроде нармас
15.05.2023 22:56
Best Cfg
This cfg and lua is a beast if you can buy now :)
30.03.2023 20:40
TOP 1 hvh cfg :)
Best cfg for nl + ideal yaw = kd 20
30.03.2023 15:36